18 years of active duty Air Force mainly flying the F-15E Strike Eagle.

Private pilot since the age of 17.

Approximately 3000 hours of flying time in various aircraft.

  1. Snowflake70 says:


    Started in a Cherokee 140 at 17, private by 18 (Crescent City California 1970) ERAU 1976-79 BS Aero Studies / Flight tech. Crash landed C310 12/79 and walked away. Flown less than 10 times since – (re: life happens when you’re making plans.)

    21 years USAF (4 active Elint, 17 in C141 A/B /C-5 A/B systems maintenance + exposure to Crypto and Emergency Preparedness after my airframe was mothballed)

    Want to start an airline (with “zero dollars) flying cargo (mushrooms – edible/legal) and “fly-fishermen” CA/OR in 2 of these:


    Have about 350 hrs and my favorite quote is:

    “Once you have flown you will walk with your eyes skyward.
    For there you have been and there you shall be again” – Leo De Vinci

    I am a Pisces, member of the local chamber of commerce, unemployed and have 21 businesses that I would like to start (in CA because we need jobs).

    I “Seriously” Look forward to making your acquaintance and hearing from you immediately.

    Jaime Yarbrough
    President- Smith River Industries
    (707) 492-8408

  2. John B. Beck says:

    Hello Mr. Yarbrough, When I was younger (much younger) my
    sole ambition was to become an F-15 Eagle Fighter Pilot. I didn’t
    get into the Air Force Academy and didn’t have 20-20 vision so that
    dream didn’t happen. Anyway. When I found your twitter site I just
    had to follow it. Now that I am 50-years old I have decided that my
    ambition and goal is to become a published Aviation Writer. My
    oldest son is in the Air Force. He was stationed at Mountain Home
    AFB in Idaho – home of the Bold Tigers. Now he is at Mildenhall
    Royal Air Force Base in England. He is an Air Traffic Controller
    and has been to Iraq once and is going back again. Regards, John B.

  3. John B. Beck says:

    I made a mistake and put ‘Mr. Yarbrough’ in my previous

  4. I was thinking of my friends stateside today, and read about you today surfing the web, I just wanted to say thank your your service, and to ask you to help me help others not to forget.. I have asked the Navy for information in support of the site for LT Nathan White and my request have fell on deaf ears.. I made a promise to his father that I would never let people forget.. you see, I spent my short time serving our country before an accident and being diagnosed with MS, I was one of the enlisted that held knowledge of the problems with the patriot systems, I helped Nathans family as much as I could, and now after all this time and all this work, I still recall feeling responsible, the military I love today is not the Military it was in those days, no body cared if you were right, no body listened and Nathan and others died, I even went to the pentagon and told em I could fix it, everyone that knows me even general Tuttle Knows I could fix the system and I know that Nathans Father knows took me to Dyess and we were allowed to see if the technology design would fit in that special plane, I recall saying to the PR rep for the squadron there when I realized the platform needed upgrades and that would do all I could to save the plane..time went by and we even approached the maker of the platform that shot down Nathan with his father and they demanded I give full disclosure with out them telling what our people would have.. over a black sitting in the middle of a table in a board room in Plano Texas time when by and the day I was to return to Europe I was told they were going to given the investigation “official version” then as expected Nathan Father and I lost touch I suspect he took the deal that was for his family, my concern remains as do others, we are better than the machines we have made, what more must I do to prove the concept that I have been told presidential mandates guarantee must be made? take a look that this site http://public.ladcodefense.com click on the home page button and watch the video and drop me a line.. Why? because of everything else I have done in this life I learned to fly too and want to do that more .. my logic is simple .. I have technology, I have funding and I have people, but I need more people to that this military solution and have it tested … a pilot is the only that would make sure this technology gets in the field help me do that..

  5. sugarplum says:

    Poetry in motion … I someday would love to go close up to one & draw / paint a real pilot & his mate! the jet lol

    just in awe …. love the photo & well I have always admire air force … shy smile.

    From a place that is remembered (for those Nam Veterans not us orphaned in the same way but both suffer from shell shock/ptsd) well but most want to forget … Saigon … I know freedom costs & my “home” country & so forth has now become a place of tyranny & though some argue that its unified the “new” Saigon now is number 2 spot of persecution against Christians behind china!

    Thank you for serving shotgun15e. xox :o)

    It is good that some folks are watching our skies.

    Yes freedom comes with a cost. Again Thank you for my freedom.

    Today is Tet 2011 & remember TET OFFENSIVE lest we forget … we remember them.

    love sugarplum

  6. Laura Breeze says:

    It’s May13,2011 and I see every night or morning my soldiers flyiN over my home protecting us! We R so close 2 the Mexican border it’s SCAREY…but rest assured My Angels R Flying over me watching & protecting! THANKS @ shotgun15e! Much Love

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